Lithium Battery

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  • 200ah lithium battery

    Lithium Battery (LiFePO4)

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Lithium Battery – 12v

Lithium Battery is compatible with all BMPRO 12v battery management systems listed below.

BMPRO is the leading supplier for battery management systems to Jayco and other leading caravan manufacturers in Australia,

Please Note, Internet Sales only.

Batteries in RV Deep Cycle Applications

Lithium batteries also known as LiFePO4 batteries have numerous advantages over lead-acid deep cycle batteries:

  • Longer lasting power storage  – 5 x greater than lead-acid
  • Capacity – 60% greater utilisation
  • Lighter – 1/2 weight of Sealed Lead Acid
  • Faster recharge capability means you can get on the road quicker
  • A more efficient flatter discharge curve means longer, more efficient run-time
  • Low self-discharge rate means greater reliability after long periods of no use

Rugged and reliable, IEC and UL certified BMPRO Invicta batteries will take you further to the yet unseen places, bringing peace of mind on the way.