Pro Boost 25Amp DC-DC – PROBOOST25

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Pro Boost 25Amp DC-DC Battery Charger


  • Dual input MPPT solar/aux (alternator)
  • Multi-battery chemistry selector
  • IP66 rating – resistant to dust, water & shock damage
  • Maintains a 100% state of charge of auxiliary batteries
  • Suitable for under-bonnet installation

*The ProBoost DC-DC Charger is designed to work as a standalone product.

To use this with a BMPRO Power Management System, such as the BatteryPlus35-II or the J35, you will need to connect it through a BC300 External Shunt.

Product Specifications

Input Voltage 9-18V DC
Solar Input Voltage 10-32V
Maximum Input Current 27A
Input Fuse Rating 40A
Continuous Output Current 25A
Output Fuse Rating 40A
Minimum Start Voltage (Lead-Acid) 4V
Minimum Start Voltage (LiFePO4)
Standby Current
Battery Chemistry 
STD, Gel, AGM, Calcium, LiFePO4
Operating Temperature
-20°C to 80°C
IP Rating
Dimensions 145mm x 130mm x 43mm

Charge Type 3-Stage
Maximum Voltage (STD) 14.4V
Maximum Voltage (Gel) 14.1V
Maximum Voltage (AGM) 14.7V
Maximum Voltage (Calcium) 15.3V
Maximum Voltage (LiFePO4) 14.5V
Float Voltage (STD) 13.4V
Float Voltage (Gel) 13.5V
Float Voltage (AGM) 13.4V
Float Voltage (Calcium) 13.6V
Float Voltage (LiFePO4) 13.6V

Turn On Input (Standard Alternator) 13.1V
Turn On Input (Smart Alternator) 12.0V
Turn Off Input (Standard Alternator) 12.8V
Turn Off Input (Smart Alternator) 11.8V

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions18 × 12 × 4 cm


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