LED Rear Combination Light and Reflector

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✓ High-intensity Lighting: 3,800 Raw Lumens via 10W LP LEDs
✓ Power Protection: Reverse Polarity & Power Surge Protection
✓ Up to 20G Resistance: UV, Water, and Shock Resistance

Designed and manufactured by Ignite Lighting™️.

1 in stock

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LED Rear Combination Light | Trailers & Caravans

LED rear combination light for trailers, caravans and campers. Using Zeon light technologies, this light will provide you with safe and bright lighting.

The combination light features a tail, stop, and reversing light with a modern sequential indicator and reflector. featuring Also, designed for a multi-volt range of 12-24v.

Furthermore, experience the next level of visibility with a super-bright reverse light that surpasses all sequential LED combination tail lights equipped with a reverse light function.

Product Specifications

  • Multi Volt: 10-24 Volts
  • Working Temperature: -40deg C ~+ 80deg C
  • Built-in Retro Reflector
  • E4 Compliant
  • 0.5 Metre Hard Wired Cable
  • IP68
  • Poly Carbonate Lens / ABS Base
  • Dual Mounting System
  • Sold Individually

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Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions22 × 10 × 5 cm



32cm x 12cm x 5cm


1.6 Kg




Horizontal Mounting Only – For further instructions Refer to ADR 13/00


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