9-inch Hydraulic Wheel Cylinder


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9-inch Hydraulic Brake Shoes

Suits AL-KO style 9" hydraulic backing plates.
High-quality component that won't wear prematurely.
✓ Quick and easy to install so you can get back on the road.

Supplied by Couplemate™️ Trailer Parts.

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9-inch Hydraulic Wheel Cylinder

The 9-inch Hydraulic Wheel Cylinders is controls and converts non-hydraulic pressure into hydraulic pressure. AL-KO-style 9-inch hydraulic backing plates feature a dual wheel cylinder, meaning they have two pistons to complete this function.

Wheel cylinders have a bleed nipple located at the top of the cylinder. When bleeding your hydraulic brake system, air rises to the top of the cylinder and is therein released. Couplemate™ recommends attaching a clear tube to the nipple to return fluid to the bottle when bleeding.

If you are looking to do maintenance on your caravan or trailer, we recommend replacing your brake shoes at the same time. Alternatively, you can replace the entire backing plate for an easier time.

Product Specifications

How Do Hydraulic Brakes Work?

The principle on which a hydraulic brake system works is simple. Force applied at one point is transmitted to another location via an incompressible fluid, called the brake fluid. Suitable for 9-inch hydraulic back-plates, this cylinder converts your foot-pedal force into hydraulic pressure that forces the brake fluid into the calipers. Subsequently, this pressure forces the brake pads to clamp the rotor and the slow down the vehicle.

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