45mm Square Hydraulic Drum Brake Kit

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45mm Square Hydraulic Drum Brake Axle Assembly

A 45mm square hydraulic drum brake axle assembly is a type of axle that is used on trailers and other vehicles.

It has a square cross-section that is 45 millimetres wide and is equipped with hydraulic drum brakes. This type of axle is typically used on medium-duty trailers, such as boat, utility, and horse trailers.

Hydraulic drum brakes are a type of brake that uses hydraulic fluid to apply pressure to the brake shoes. This type of brake is very effective at stopping heavy loads, and it is also relatively low maintenance.

45mm square hydraulic drum brake axle assemblies are typically rated to carry a load of 1450 kilograms. They are available in a variety of lengths and widths, so you can choose the right axle for your specific needs.


  • A square cross-section that is 45 millimetres wide
  • Hydraulic drum brakes
  • Rated to carry a load of 1450 kilograms
  • Available in a variety of lengths and widths


  • Very effective at stopping heavy loads
  • Relatively low-maintenance
  • Durable and reliable

If you are looking for an axle for your medium-duty trailer, a 45mm square hydraulic drum brake axle assembly is a great option to consider.

45mm Square Hydraulic Drum braked axle assembly to suit 9-inch drums. Suits 2000kg override couplings with a master cylinder. Single Axle rating 1450kg.

The rating of this axle is 1450kg, as this axle uses Ford Slimline bearings.

Axle rating of 1450kg is controlled by bearing sizes

  • 12749 – Outer Bearing.
  • 68149 – Inner Bearing.

9″ hydraulic braked axles are very simple to install. Attached are the Hydraulic backing plates to a weld ring, welded to the rear of the axle shoulder.

The hardest part of the entire job is to align the weld rings perfectly.

We recommend customers dry-fit the backing plates and weld the ring, without grease. Once the drum is in position and locked with the axle nut, tighten the brake shoes.

Align the backing perfectly with the drum and then spot weld the ring in 4 places. Re-adjust where necessary and then finish the welding on the ring.

45mm Square Hydraulic Drum Installation help

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Calculating The Correct Axle Measurements

As a result of viewing the video above, calculate the face-to-face measurement.
  1. Measure the offset wheel. The wheel offset is the distance between the hub’s inside and the rubber’s outside.
  2. Add 50 mm to the offset. Alternatively, choose your own distance between the rubber and the chassis.
  3. Multiply by 2 for both sides. Add your chassis width to the above number.
Still unsure of what measurements to take? Check out this handy guide below:

[P] – Check material specifications. What size and profile is the axle (for example, 45mm Square)
[T] – Overall axle length (tip to tip)
[F] – Hub face to hub face measurement
[A] – Chassis width
[C] – Tyre clearance
[B] – Back offset
[H] – Tyre to chassis
[G] – Axle pad centres

How To Measure a caravan or trailer Axle

Identifying Bearing Combinations

You will also need to identify your bearing combination which can be done by pulling off a hub and bearings and locating the number laser engraved onto the bearing. You will require both the inner and the outer bearing numbers.

Where to identify bearing number. Look for the laser engraved number on the bearing.


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