6k Spindle Axle

6k Spindle Axle from Tie-Down and Dexter

A 6k spindle axle from Tie-Down or Dexter is a replacement torsion axle spindle to suit 6k torsion assemblies.

Tie-down Engineering and Dexter USA use removal spindles on drop-down trailer hub assemblies.

Ford 5 Stud and 6 Stud Landcruiser are bolt patterns used on American trailers.

When removing the cotter pin, exercise caution not to break the legs. Removing the castle nut and washer allows the back of the stub axle to be tapped free of the drop plate.

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6k Removable Spindle Specifications

  • 15123/14125A – Front Bearing
  • 25580 – Rear Bearing
  • Grease Seal 57m – GS-2250DL
  • Dust Cap – 2441
  • Part Number 80062A

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