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Couplemate Bearing Kits, Seals And Dust Caps.

If you’re looking for bearing kits or caravan spares in Australia, think Couplemate to save both time and energy.

Bearing kits, seals and parts like dust caps are all essential components to keep caravan running. We only use Japanese bearings for low wear capacity on highways. It is a good idea to check your bearings a month before setting out on that holiday.

Some of the parts we stock for your caravans include

  • Caravan Japanese bearing kits,
  • Bearing buddy and dust caps,
  • bearing seals caravan and boat,
  • dust cap bearing dollys.

Why use Japanese Kits?

At Couplemate, we’ve found NSK Japanese bearings to be reliable for Caravans at high speed under all conditions.

We also recommend the use of High-Temperature axle grease, even in used in boat trailer bearings.

We stock only Japanese bearing kits, as these work well even when your caravan is running at high speeds.

All you have to do is give us a call, and we will deliver your bearing kits anywhere in Australia.

When considering caravan bearings, it is wise to select Japanese bearings rather than no-name, Chinese or Indian bearings.

For years Couplemate used Chinese bearings and we regret it. The cost in warranty work was huge, however, the customer dis-satisfaction level larger and persuaded us to dump all bearings with the exception of Japanese bearings.

In the last 10 years, we have had zero complaints from Japanese bearings. Problems from collapsed bearings have been found to originate from lack of servicing, magnet wear or brake shoe wear.

The Importance Of Seals In Your Bearing Kit

One of the most important things about bearing kits is the often forgotten seal.

At Couplemate, we’re not all for the 100% rubber seal; we’d rather suggest a rubber seal with a metal outer. These have a spring around the inner rubber lip, to put a little tension on the axle journal—a great way to close the gap of 0.01mm.

We also do not suggest seals with a rubber outer casing, as they are difficult to install and are generally a low-quality seal.

If you can’t find your bearing kit listed here, simply call one of our experienced sales team members on 07 3348 3822; we can Express Post your bearing kits worldwide.

Couplemate Bearing Configuration
CM489MLM MARINELM67048/10LM11949/1031.75mm59.10mm19.05mm45.20mm49202059.10mm37.50mm
CM487MSL MARINELM68149/10LM12749/1035.00mm59.10mm22.00mm45.20mm49101859.10mm43.90mm
CM491MPARALLEL MARINELM68149/10LM68149/1035.00mm59.10mm35.00mm59.10mm49101859.10mm43.90mm
CM492ALKO 2TON30210JLM15123/24550.00mm89.96mm31.75mm61.95mm6460789.96mm60.30mm
CM492MALKO 2TON MARINE30210JLM15123/24550.00mm89.96mm31.75mm61.95mm49401389.96mm60.30mm
CM494ALKO 3TON30210J29749/1050.00mm89.96mm89.96mm38.10mm6460789.96mm60.30mm
CM494MALKO 3TON MARINE30210J29749/1050.00mm89.96mm89.96mm38.10mm49401389.96mm60.30mm
CM483MELB. TR. 1.6TONLM68149/111LM44649/1035.00mm59.97mm27.00mm50.29mmGS-1719DL65.22mm44.00mm
CM484MELMELB. TR. 2.0TON25580/2067048/1044.45mm82.93mm31.75mm59.10mm6419085mm50mm
A511MELB. TR. 2.0TON [MARINE KIT]25580/2067048/1044.45mm82.93mm31.75mm59.10mm8213085mm50mm
CM484USA DEXTER 2TON25580/2015123/24544.45mm82.93mm31.75mm61.95mm3394085.73mm49.2mm
K71-301-00USA DEXTER 2TON IMPORT [12″x 2″ 8 STUD – 7k LBS]25580/2014276/125A44.45mm82.93mm31.75mm69.01mmGS-21253.376″2.125″
K71-301-00USA DEXTER 2TON IMPORT [12″x 2″ 8 STUD – 7k LBS]25580/2014276/125A44.45mm82.93mm31.75mm69.01mmGS-22503.376″2.25″
10VTVC 2TON501349/1068149/1041.30mm73.43mm35.00mm59.10mmTC1214376mm46mm
PT1129TROJAN SPECIAL 2TON48548/1044649/1034.925mm65.08mm27.00mm50.29mmPT1014165mm47mm
30205 VENTUREVENTURE USA30205J2/Q30205J2/Q25.00mm52.00mm25.00mm52.00mm29.97mm52.07mm
BEAJLM710949-10ROGERS 6.4TON710949/1032210J65.00mm105.00mm50.00mm89.96mmJENSPR8379
BEAC102949-10ROGERS 4.5TON102949/10501349/1445.24mm73.43mm41.27mm73.43mmJENS50147
BEA01349-14ROGERS 2.25TON501349/14501349/1441.27mm73.43mm41.27mm73.43mmJENS50167
A75SIMPLICITY A75 – 12″ DRUM2788/20LM67048/1038.10mm76.20mm19.05mm45.20mmHAU8633.00″1.78″
A75LSIMPLICITY A75L – 10″ DRUM16150R/2848LM67048/1038.10mm72.23mm19.05mm45.20mmHAU8633.00″1.78″
A75HSIMPLICITY A75H – 4.4TON26884/23LM68149/1042.85mm76.20mm35.00mm59.10mmHAU862

Couplemate sells only the best quality trailer and caravan spares throughout Australia—covering the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart. We also ship products via Australia Post Air to New Zealand.