Breakaway and Brake Kit

Breakaway and Brake Kit


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Breakaway Kit Incl 5ah Battery, Switch and 12v/5A Battery

The Breakaway Trailer Brake Kit is mandatory for all trailers over 2000 kg GTM. Should the tow vehicle and trailer separate accidentally, the breakaway kit engages the electric brakes at full power for a minimum of 15 minutes.

When it comes to driving, safety is key. One important aspect of ensuring a safe driving experience is having well-functioning brakes.

However, for those who enjoy racing or pushing the limits of their vehicle's performance, standard brakes may not be enough. This is where breakaway and brake kits come into play.

A breakaway system is essentially an emergency braking system that is separate from the primary braking system. It is designed to activate in the event of a catastrophic brake failure. Some breakaway systems use a cable that is attached to the brake pedal or lever, while others use a hydraulic system.

The main advantage of a breakaway system is that it provides an additional layer of safety in case of brake failure, which can be especially important for high-speed racing or other extreme driving situations.

Overall, breakaway and brake kits are both important upgrades for those who demand more from their vehicle's braking system. Whether you're a racer or simply looking for an extra layer of safety, these upgrades can help ensure that your vehicle is equipped to handle any situation on the road or track.

Caravan and Trailer onboard Battery Kit

Note; it is essential to note that there is no requirement for an independent, designated or separate breakaway battery system.

In other words, the caravan or camper onboard 12v battery is the breakaway battery provided it can apply 12vdc to your electric brakes.

Further, the onboard caravan battery will be larger than the minimum requirement and have the same or larger capacity than the smaller unit.

The breakaway switch activates the trailer brake system for 15 minutes in cases where the trailer was detached from the vehicle when travelling.

Additionally, included in the price is a rubber boot that fits over the breakaway switch. The rubber boot reduces or prevents water ingress.

The following equipment is necessary when using the caravan battery as a breakaway kit.

Remote Breakaway Kit Monitor

Remote Breakaway Kit Monitor for trailer breakaway battery.

The remote monitor fits all Breakaway Kits except RV Electronics.

Mount the Remote Breakaway Kit Monitor in clear view of the driver either in the Cab or mounted to the side of the trailer or caravan in clear view of the driver.

Installing Breakaway Battery Magnetic Monitor.

  • Connect the battery indicator cable directly to the breakaway battery, insert the 10 amp fuse inline and close to the battery.
  • If the battery indicator flashes RED, only the breakaway battery is low on amp hour.
  • If the Battery indicator does not illuminate, recharge or replace the breakaway battery.
  • The battery indicator will switch off when the battery is lower than 11 to 9 volts.
  • The battery indicator draws low milliamps and will continually pulsate different flashing colours on a battery for 12 months.
  • Recharge the battery using a battery charger if the breakaway battery is flat.


Disconnect the trailer plug when testing the breakaway kit. Failure to do so may severely damage the vehicle's Electric brake controller.

NSW RTA Bulletin NO.06

Testing the breakaway battery system refer to RTA Vehicle Inspector Bulletin No 06 April 1998. Requirements for large caravans and trailers equipped with Electrically Operated Brakes.

Click this link to read the NSW RTA bulletin.

Furthermore, during a trailer inspection, the towing vehicle must have a compatible charging system connected to the trailer's breakaway battery.

Finally, install a label affixed to all-electric braked trailers stating an acceptable charging/warning circuit in any tow vehicle.

Breakaway kit testing.

  • Connect the wires to the terminals. In a fully charged state, a green light will glow.
  • Remove the pin and notice a sound coming from your magnets
  • You may hear a hum or a tick as the electric magnet sticks to the inside of the drum
  • When energised, check the Voltage at the battery
  • If the Voltage is under 12 volts, the battery is putting out less than 12v, or you have a voltage loss.
  • If voltage loss exists, increase the size of the cable to the brakes to 4mm or 5mm.

Increasing the size of the cable removes voltage loss and restores Voltage to 12vdc.

Breakaway Trailer Brake Kit for Hydrastar

Electric / Hydraulic controllers use a 17 Amp Hour battery because the hydraulic motor uses more power than an electric magnet.

Standard 1200 psi and 1600psi Hydrastar actuators use a 5ah Breakaway Kit battery,

An excellent read about Caravan and Trailer Breakaway Kit article.

How do I tell when the battery requires replacement?

Your breakaway battery will require replacement when you cannot get a green light on your control panel.

In Australia, the test button must indicate

  • Full Battery Power is Available.
  • Battery Charging.
  • Battery flat

As opposed to America, where there is no requirement for test lights.

If your battery will not take charge, then it needs replacing.

Read this handy article about the correct Lanyard Length.

Shorten the breakaway switch lanyard for effective braking when your caravan is on its safety chains.

Finally, all trailers over 2000kg require a breakaway system.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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