Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper Parts

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Mechanical Disc Brake Caliper Parts

Mechanical disc brake caliper parts for Alko calipers also fit other branded calipers, in many cases.

Ideal for single axle trailers and caravans up to 1.5t and tandem trailers up to 2000kg. Further, mechanical calipers fit both 10" and 12' disc rotors.

There are four types of Al-ko mechanical caliper

  • 1400kg forward Pull
  • 1400kg centre pull
  • 2000kg forward pull
  • 2000kg centre pull

The maximum braking capacity is 1300kg on 16" Wheels and 1400kg 14" wheels on 45mm Axles and larger.

  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Galvanised disc caliper body and lever.
  • Stainless steel sliding bushes and adjusting bolts.
  • Suits independent rubber suspension axles and beam axles.
  • Suitable for disc thickness from 10mm to 15mm.
  • Disc and Caliper range to fit wheels from 13" to 16" diameter.
  • Dual brake ratios.
  • Easy to operate and adjust.

Adjusting the cable removes slack from stretched cable. Also, adjust the bolt on the caliper to align the brake pads.

Popular mechanical disc caliper to suit 10" and 12" disc rotors.

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Caliper trailer parts are available below

  • Forward Pull Alko Caliper
  • Center Pull Alko Caliper
  • Inner Bush Alko - stainless 16.8mm OD
  • Inner Bush Import - stainless 15.8mm OD
  • Centre Pull Alko Caliper
  • Centre Pull Alko Caliper Arm
  • Hydraulic Caliper Pads (new) - 1 pad
  • Standard Mechanical Disc Pads Universal - 1 pad (no anti rattle spring)

Tip: Tighten the disc caliper bolt then back it off 1/2 turn.

Brake adjustment prevents pad chatter and keeps the disc pads perfectly aligned during braking.

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Mechanical Disc Caliper Parts

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  1. mike

    i have found the al – ko brakes the best thanks

    • Steve Wotherspoon

      Hello Mike, Having sold and repaired most of the disc calipers on the market, I would tend to agree. Thank you for your comment Mike, Steve Wotherspoon

  2. Damo

    You say tighten and loosen one turn and half a turn in the same article ! So which one is it?

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