Couplemate Heavy Duty Baseplate 3.5t


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300 in stock

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The Couplemate Heavy Duty Base Plate 3.5T

This Heavy-Duty Baseplate 3.5t is for our Couplemate ‘Marriage Saver’ Trailer Guide. It is a replacement for those lighter backplates that have become bent through shock loading.

We often hear this story about folks who keep the wing but sold the base plate with the car.

Occasionally, folks like an extra backplate of the front of their vehicle for boat trailer retrieval from the beach.

This plate for our towball guide can bend when reversing to your trailer at extreme angles. Our reversing guide works best when backing straight onto your trailer.

If your trailer is heavier than 2.5t look at our heavy-duty reversing aid.

This baseplate supports the Couplmate ‘Marriage Saver’ wing (CM001).

This baseplate does not support the locking position for our Tow-Ball guide.

Couplemate Trailer Parts recommends if your trailer is over 2.5t, to please select the CM020. The rating for this base plate trailer guide is 3.5t.

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