Couplemate – The Original Marriage Saver

Caravan & Trailer Reversing Guide.

Couplemate Caravan Trailer Guide

The Original Reversing Guide.

The Couplemate caravan guide works every time. No scratches, no dents when used per recommendations.

Reversing cameras are great, but they will not stop accidents.

You have probably seen the Couplemate trailer guide in action, and yes, it really is as simple as it looks.

The Couplemate® Caravan Reversing Guide (Marriage Saver®) makes hitching up your caravan/boat or camper easier than ever! It takes just SECONDS and prevents those awkward ‘oh damn’ moments!

Reversing cameras are great but they do not stop accidents as efficiently as this trailer guide.

Chris Lilley: Best investment we made….One of us would have done jail time otherwise.
Tony McKenzie: One of the best things you will ever buy!

Scott Retallick: Saved my marriage on many occasions ???

Barbara Proposch: Got one Colleen they save a bit of swearing ?

Andrew App: Saves so much stuffing around. Thank you

Hank: My Prado has a reversing camera, not a very good one though, which I use when hooking up. I also bought a marriage saver (Couplemate), a bit old hat but it works. It is too easy to reverse back that little bit too much and ding your rear bumper, the Couplemate stops that.

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25 November 2019

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