45mm Steel Spring Shackle Bush

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45mm Steel Spring Bush to suit Caravan, Camper and Trailer Shackle Springs

45mm steel spring shackle bush is a fantastic replacement where the usage of nylon bushes creates too much wear, and you need to go to a heavier bushing system.

Nylon spring bushes are self-lubricating therefore they do not require greasable shackle pins. Standard pins are suitable for nylon bushes.

Examples of suspensions where steel bushings are suitable are outback springs and tandem rocker arms where the centre bush is 22mm OD. This rocker bush carries half of the trailer weight, making it ideal for upgrading.

When using steel bushes, you will need to upgrade to greaseable shackle bolts.

  • ID 16mm
  • OD 7/8″ or 22mm
  • Length 41mm
  • Suit 45mm wide spring

To install simply place the steel bush over the top of the nylon shackle bush and tap with a hammer until the nylon bush is out of the spring.

Spring shackle bushes must be checked regularly and greased when necessary. It is also good practice to remove the shackle pin and examine both the hanger and the bolt for wear.

Also, inspect the shackle plates and shackle pins attached to the 45mm spring before purchasing your trailer parts.

Upgrade begins replacing Broken Caravan Springs

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