725kg Stub Axle Insert


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725kg Stub Axle Insert

725kg stub axle insert for 50mm x 4mm Box Steel. 2 x stub axles is 1450kg.

The advantages of box steel axles are:

  • Lowers the trailer weight.
  • Low transportation cost.
  • Box Steel is purchased locally.
  • Of note is the 20mm black unmachined section on these stub axles.
  • This is the weldable area where the stub is welded to the box section.

Ensure the box section has 4mm wall thickness to achieve the full rating. The effect of thinner walls is a lowering of the rating.

There is no need to weld axle pads. Instead, mark the box section where the centre bolt of the spring will be located and drill a hole into the box section and the end of the stub axle.


It is not recommended to run electric cabling through the hollow axle as axle vibration under extreme. The resultant vibration causes the insulation to wear causing short circuits in the 12v cable.

Chassis rails do not undergo the same vibration. Running electric cables inside chassis rails is common.

To summarise, Couplemate stub axle inserts are also available for parallel and Dexter 1.59t hollow axles.

Tube Axles

Tube axles offer significant weight saving compared to a solid beam. Due to their stiffness & design, their capacity doesn’t reduce proportionally to their weight.

This makes tube axles attractive to manufacturers who want to reduce the weight of their trailer or caravan but still maintain the same carrying capacity.

More suspension stub axle inserts:

725kg Stub Axle insert for 50mm Box Steel

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Axle Profile

Slimline, Parallel, 1-6t-dexter


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