3/8-inch Hydraulic Caliper Brass Adaptor


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1958 in stock

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3/8-inch Hydraulic Caliper Brass Adaptor to suit Marine Brake Trailers.

3/8-inch hydraulic caliper brass adaptor to suit a variety of Australian marine brake calipers. A copper washer is required to seal adaptors from leakage.

Brass adaptor nuts seal hydraulic lines into components like master cylinders and hydraulic disc brakes.

When connecting dissimilar metals, use copper washers. For example, when combining a brass adaptor with a Dacromet or stainless caliper.

Range of Hydraulic Hose Connectors

If you find your disc brakes or hydraulic cylinder leaking, you have likely screwed the 3/8 inch nut on your hydraulic lines directly into a component that requires an adaptor nut to complete termination.

Your hydraulic line connector is like to require an olive flange.

If you have not installed an olive flange, your connection will leak.

Calipers do not have olive flanges; therefore, you need an adaptor nut.

Use Teflon tape used on all fittings.

Yes, brass on brass connections should not leak, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you are in doubt, contact us via our email address.

Finally, brass is not a suitable metal for bonding; hence the use of Teflon tape is recommended,

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1 review for 3/8-inch Hydraulic Caliper Brass Adaptor

  1. Ivan

    This 3/8 ” brass adaptor is crap,soonest I try to tighhten up this fitting snapped ,perhaps it should be made from stainless steel not a brass.

    • Stephen

      Hello Ivan, Thank you for your comment as it is important we put more information into our content.

      Brass adaptors are 100% brass and need a copper washer to properly seat the adaptor into the caliper. The copper is a soft metal and compresses when the brass adaptor is tightened.

      If a copper washer is not used then the adaptor will leak and cause the user to attempt to further tighten the adaptor. In this case the brass adaptor thread will snap and break.

      Of course we can make stainless adaptors however, this metal is brittle and does not solve the problem of leaking when a copper washer is not used.

      Over 20 Years selling this product now and we understand the issues and stronger recommend the use of copper washers in cases where an male or female olive connection is not present.

      Thank you for your comment Ivan

      Steve Wotherspoon

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