Mechanical Caliper Anchor Plate


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Mechanical Caliper Anchor Plate

A mechanical Caliper Anchor Plate attaches the brake calipers to the axle on all 10″ and 12″ disc rotors.

The mechanical caliper anchor plate is 10mm thick and 90mm between holes for Australian calipers.

The threaded hole size is 7/16″ UNF. However, the length of the bolt can vary from 50mm to 56mm depending on the brand of caliper used.

Couplemate suggests all anchor plates are dry fitted and tacked welded before the welding process is finished.

In most cases, failure to dry-fit every anchor plate will result in wrong fits.

How to dry-fit anchor plates?

Al-ko mechanical disc caliper

These anchor plates fit these Al-ko calipers. Purchase by clicking the link.

  • Insert bearings into the rotor with no grease and fit the rotor to the axle. (tighten)
  • Assemble the caliper onto the mount bracket and tighten it.
  • Align the caliper over the rotor and tighten the pad adjustment bolt. (note: place a zip tie or Q strap between the rotor and caliper to stop the caliper from touching the rotor when it is spinning.)
  • Align the caliper on the slides by sliding the caliper backwards so that approx 5mm of the slide is showing on the inside of the caliper. The caliper will slide backwards when the pads wear.
  • Carefully tack the mounting plate.
  • Disassemble the entire setup except for the mount plates.
  • Tape the bearing journals.
  • Carefully weld the small flat section of the mounting plate on the sides, then weld the main area farthest away from the bearing journal. (note: Weld one side of the mounting plate is sufficient)
  • Repeat on the other end.

Grease bearings with high-temperature grease and assemble rotors. Tighten the adjustment bolt until tight, then back off 1/2 turn and lock the thread with the lock nut.

Note: Grind galvanising on your axle back to bare metal before welding. After welding, apply a spray pack of cold gal while the mount plates are still hot.

Notably, the mechanical caliper anchor plate should be installed at an angle that clears the trailer or caravan springs.

Finally, hydraulic anchor plates do not fit mechanical calipers and vice versa.

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Mechanical Brake Caliper Anchor Plate


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