3 inch Dust Cap

3 inch Dust Cap

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3-inch dust caps cover 3t Alko hubs, disc rotors and 12" electric drum brakes.

Dust caps should be empty when installed and filled with catching excess grease once on the highway.

It is common for folks to call dust caps, grease or oil caps. Dust caps catch excess grease. However, the standard procedure for service mechanics to load up the dust cap with grease is not a good practice. The overloaded bearing cavity and dust cap will eventually expel excess bearing grease out the rear grease seal.

Dust caps perform two functions.

  1. Keep Dust out
  2. Catch excess bearing grease

Review 3-tonne equipment here:

Suit 75mm or 3" hubs, hub drums and disc rotors.

3 tonne unbraked axle assemblies are widespread in rural or agricultural areas. 2 x 3t axles enable a 6t trailer to carry a variety of grain or hay around the farm for distribution into wheat storage or feed for animals.

Lightweight products like hay can be stored and transported on long trailers. The maximum trailer length is 11 metres on the road. However, rural usage can support longer trailers.

3-inch Dust Cap

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