60mm Round 2t Hydraulic Disc Braked Trailer Axle

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60mm Round 2t hydraulic Disc Braked Axle is suitable as a single braked axle on road or as a part of a tandem setup.

60mm round tandem hydraulic setups are rated to a maximum of 2.25t on road. 4.5t is the normal rating when used in a tandem configuration.

2t Japanese Caravan Bearing Kit

Couplemate uses Al-ko or Trojan hydraulic calipers on all disc brake axle builds.

Galvanised axles can be provided upon request.

60mm Round 2t Hydraulic Disc Braked Axle

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 240 x 40 x 35 cm
Stud Pattern

2t Landcruiser 5 Stud, 2t Landcruiser 6 Stud

Axle Face to Face Length

1325mm, 1350mm, 1375mm, 1400mm, 1425mm, 1450mm, 1475mm, 1500mm, 1525mm, 1550mm, 1575mm, 1600mm, 1625mm, 1650mm, 1675mm, 1700mm, 1725mm, 1750mm, 1775mm, 1800mm, 1825mm, 1850mm, 1875mm, 1900mm, 1925mm, 1950mm, 1975mm, 2000mm, 2025mm, 2050mm, 2075mm, 2100mm, 2125mm, 2150mm, 2175mm, 2200mm, 2225mm, 2250mm, 2275mm, 2300mm, 2325mm, 2350mm, 2375mm

4 reviews for 60mm Round 2t Hydraulic Disc Braked Trailer Axle

  1. David Urquhart

    David Urquhart

    What does the axle by itself look like?

    • Couplemate Trailer Parts

      How is that?

    • Jade Hetherington

      Jade Hetherington

      Couplemate Trailer Parts
      Is that 2.25 t
      On road single axle?

      • Steve Wotherspoon

        No, 2t I believe is the on-road limit for a single axle. However, the rating of this axle is up to 2.25t.

    • David Urquhart

      David Urquhart

      Couplemate Trailer Parts I thought maybe there would be a flange or something on the end(s). How are the hubs fixed upon the shaft?

      • Steve Wotherspoon

        This is the bare axle David, we can attach electric. hydraulic or mechanical weld rings.

      • Steve Wotherspoon

        We use a 12TPI nut. Alko use a 14TPI nut. Both are 1″

    • David Urquhart

      David Urquhart

      Couplemate Trailer Parts oh I zoomed in and see the large thread on the shaft.

    • Couplemate Trailer Parts

      or that one 🙂 You just know I have a few.

    • Couplemate Trailer Parts

      I apologise for the main photo, it is really poor.

  2. Murray Kidd

    Murray Kidd

    Adam Lythgoe

  3. David Phillips

    David Phillips

    How much ??????

    • Couplemate Trailer Parts

      The link holds all of your answers David.

    • Tony Pearson

      Tony Pearson

      I have a plant trailer which currently runs 6 stud split rims, I am thinking of changing the hubs so I can run 5 stud rims, what are the legalities.

    • Clem Wheatley

      Clem Wheatley

      If I am building a flat top trailer that is 2.4 mts wide, with the wheels under the tray, what width axle would I require when using 6 stud 750 x 16 split rims, so as the wheels did not protrude outside of the tray width?

  4. Couplemate Trailer Parts

    For those folks asking axle lengths for various wheel and split rim, call Bruce on 0733483822. All the hard answers are at his fingertips.

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