4500kg 70mm Ball Coupling, CTA-045126

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ADR Approved (CTA-045126)
Supplied with hand brake
12-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

165 in stock

Suits 70mm Tow Balls

70mm Tow Ball - CTA-045125

ADR Approved & Certified
High-Tensile 4140 Steel
Suits 4500kg Couplings

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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Electric Caravan Trailer Coupling to suit 70mm Tow Ball

4.5t electric caravan trailer coupling with park brake is ADR Approved (CTA-045126) and is recommended for use with Grade 12 Bolts.

Hole Spacings: 184mm x 56mm x 16mm.

An example of a rating is a 10-t trailer towed by a 10-truck; the D-value is 49kn. (Refer to the table below for the calculation of your towing combination.)

Another example is a 20-ton truck that can tow a 6-ton trailer; the D-Value is 45kN. The table below shows variable towing capacities.

CTA Road Vehicle Component Type Approval

This coupling has been granted a component type approval under section 177 of the Road Vehicles Standards Rules 2019. The component fully complies with the applicable national road vehicle standards.

CTA Approval CTA-045126 will be available for download upon purchase. Vehicle inspectors may want to see this certificate for registration and certifications.

You can read more about a Component Type Approval and what it means for you here. 


  1. The mounting structure must support the rated capacity of this coupling.
  2. Use four 5/8″ socket head cap screws and torque to 287Nm.
  3. Removing the hand brake attachment if used for a boat trailer is permissible.
  4. Max Torque is 100 ft/lbs
  5. D-Value 23.24kN
  6. CTA-045126

Purchase 70mm tow ball with CTA approval here.

CM235 – 4.5t Electric Coupling Installation Instructions

  1. Install 4.5t electric coupling over the tow ball.
  2. Remove the nut.
  3. Adjust the side bolt until tight, then back off the bolt 1/2 turn.
  4. Reinstall the nut and retighten it.
  5. This nut puts pressure on the coupling tongue to prevent decoupling.

If the 4.5t electric coupling starts feeling loose, simply repeat the installation instructions.

It is essentially an “R” clip, lynchpin, or another suitable device, such as a padlock, into position behind the lower part of the handle.

Use 4 x 5/8″ Grade 12 bolts of suitable length plus washers plus nylocks.

Marine Applications

Marine brakes use hydraulic brakes and do not require the park brake attachment on the 4.5t electric coupling. This attachment is for use with electric brakes.

It is permissible to cut the brake handle from the coupling without altering the integrity of the coupling. Why? Therefore, the park brake attachment does not form any part of the testing procedures and is optional.

Important Notice

As a result of purchasing from Couplemate Trailer Parts, a CTA identification number for this product is located on the Invoice.

The CTA on the approval letter is the same CTA on the Invoice.

Show vehicle inspectors this Invoice during your trailer or vehicle inspections if required.

Regulations for Towing and Accessories over 4.5t

© Steve Wotherspoon May 10 2014

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