4.5t Electric Trailer Coupling D-Value 23.24kN

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4.5t Electric Caravan Trailer Coupling to suit 70mm Tow Ball

4.5t Electric caravan trailer coupling with park brake. ADR Approved. CRN 45126. 4.5t electric coupling Hole Spacings 184mm x 56mm x 16mm. Use Grade 12 Bolts.


  1. The mounting structure must be capable of supporting the rated capacity of this coupling.
  2. Use the 4 – 16mm Grade 12 bolts, lock washers, and hex nuts, and torque to 212 ft. lbs.
  3. If used for a boat trailer, it is permissible to remove the hand brake attachment.
  4. D-Value 23.24kN
  5. CRN 45126

70mm tow ball electric couplingPurchase 70mm tow ball here.

CM235 – 4.5t Electric Coupling Installation Instructions

  1. Install 4.5t electric coupling over tow ball.
  2. Remove the nut.
  3. Adjust side bolt until tight then back off the bolt 1/2 turn.
  4. Reinstall the nut and tighten.
  5. This nut puts pressure on the coupling tongue to prevent decoupling.

If your 4.5t electric coupling starts to feel ‘loose’ simply repeat the installation instructions.

It is essentially an “R’ clip or lynchpin or another suitable device such as a padlock into position behind the lower part of the handle.

Use 4 x 5/8″ Grade 12 bolts of suitable length plus washers plus nylocks.

Max Torque is 100 ft/lbs

Marine Applications

Marine brakes use hydraulic brakes and do not require the park brake attachment on the 4.5t electric coupling. This attachment is for use with electric brakes.

It is permissible to cut the brake handle from the coupling without altering the integrity of the coupling. Why? The park brake attachment does not form any part of the testing procedures and is therefore optional.

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Important Notice

View ADR Approval Letter Here

When you purchase from Couplemate Trailer Parts, your CRN identification number for this product is located on your Invoice. The CRN on the approval letter will be the same CRN on your Invoice.

Show vehicle inspectors this invoice during inspections of your trailer or vehicle if required.

Regulations for Towing and Accessories over 4.5t

4.5t Electric Caravan Trailer Coupling

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