60mm Tandem Springs

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  • standard tandem springs

    Standard Tandem Springs 60mm

    $401.80$423.22 inc GST
  • alko rocker roller springs

    Al-ko Rocker Roller Springs

    $366.02$480.07 inc GST
  • 8 Leaf x 6t

    8 Leaf x 6t x 65mm Rocker Roller Springs up to – 18″

    $1,337.62 inc GST

Caravan and Camper 60mm Tandem Springs Rocker Roller Springs.

60mm tandem springs and Al-ko rocker roller springs are popular caravan spring.

Rocker roller tandem suspension is the 1st choice for caravan manufacturers.

Two reasons why rocker rollers are well designed,

  • Under normal loading, the roller sits in the centre of the roller. In this position, the spring is in the correct place to accept load or to share the load.
  • 60mm springs handle the twisting actions due to cornering and reversing, exceptionally well.

We also stock the Al-ko® rocker roller suspension. Call Couplemate on 0733483822 to order this brand.

Finally, the centre rocker is well constructed to share the changing nature of variable loads.