18mm Rocker Roller Centre Arm Bush


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18mm ID | 22mm OD | 46mm Long

93 in stock

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18mm – 22mm Rocker Roller entre Arm Bush

18mm – 22mm rocker roller replacement bush to suit Al-ko rocker roller arms. Due to popular demand, Couplemate now manufactures these bushes.

It is a cylindrical bush with an inner diameter of 18mm and an outer diameter of 22mm. The bush is typically made of steel or brass and is used to provide a smooth and wear-resistant surface for the rocker roller to roll on.

rocker roller armRocker roller bushes are commonly used in trailer suspensions. They help to reduce friction and noise, and they can also help to extend the life of the rocker roller.

Note: Please inspect the 16mm holes for wear before purchasing these bushes.

Also, inspect the rocker arm steel hanger, as the bolt hole may be elongated.

If excess wear and tear is found on associated components, replacing the entire rocker arm and hanger is wise.


Position the rocker roller arm bush correctly to allow the old bush to be knocked out.

Use a piece of wood on the new bush to knock out the old bush.

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