3-inch Tow Ball Parts


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3-inch Tow Ball Parts

3-inch tow ball parts include a castellated nut is 1 3/4″ x 12tpi, a washer and a 10mm split pin.

Tow ball nuts are made from 4140-grade steel at Couplemate for maximum torque.

The thread can be damaged when removing 10t nuts, rendering it usable. Clean threads before installation and install the nut by hand until it sits against the washer.

Torque the nut to 3160 Nm.

Components spare parts are

  • Castellated nut – 12 tpi fine thread.
  • Washer OD: 84mm, ID: 49mm, Thickness 4.8mm
  • 10mm Split Pin. M10 Length: 100mm

Couplemate manufactures a range of castellated nuts for towballs.

Contact Couplemate if you require a quote on custom nuts, thread, and size.

Associated 10t Coupling and Tow Balls






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1 3/4-inch Castellated Nut, Washer, 10mm Split Pin


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