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Trailer Axles, Drop axles, Overlay axles and Independent Suspension Stubs

Couplemate manufacturers tandem trailer axles in its Wynnum workshops.

Custom heavy-duty axles for independent suspension is a speciality. Our CNC toolmakers and master craftsmen manufacture the finest square axles money can buy.

How do I send single axle information?

Take a photo of your speciality axle, print it and write the dimensions on the printout and sent it to us. We will contact you with any questions and a quote.

Our team of experts will help provide advice on brake axles and braked axle upgrades. Give our team a call on 0733483822 for help.

Often we get asked about stainless steel axles. Unfortunately, stainless steel is brittle and unsuitable for single or tandem axle kits.


Couplemate ship pallets of axles and suspension kits daily and as a result, our freight rates are extremely good.

Bare axles, braked axles or entire axle and suspension kits are assembled and shipped to you in a few days from order. We ship nationally and provide great freight rates.

Couplemate axles are 100% Australian made and produced daily, as follows,

Straight axles.
Stub Axles.
Overlay Axles.
Drop Axles.
Independent Suspension stubs.
Specialty axles.
Disc brake axles.
Electric braked axles.
Unbraked axles.

Finally, stocks of galvanised axle steel allow us to quickly manufacture axles.