10-inch HT Galvanised Disc Rotor


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26 in stock

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10-inch HT Galvanised Disc Rotor

10-inch HT Galvanised Disc Rotor brakes boat trailers up to 1450kg. Galvanised disk rotors are manufactured in Australia by Couplemate.

Couplemate is the only manufacturer of GAlvanised Disc Rotors in Australia. (20th April 2024)

High-grade steel is the foundation for building this superior disc rotor.

Australian Made by Couplemate Trailer PartsThis disc rotor sets the industry standard for disc-braked axles and is the most popular rotor in our axle builds.

Disc stud pattern

  • HT 4.25″ P.C.D.

Galvanised disc rotors suit standard bearings on 39mm Round Axles to 40mm Square axles or SL bearings for 45mm Round Axles and larger.

Effective Braking for Disc Rotors

When our engineers designed this galvanised rotor, we had the choice of leaving the coating on the disc face or removing it.

Removing the coating opened up opportunities for unsightly rusting.

However, it was found that the machine disc face would exhibit better braking capabilities than the coated face. Disc pads perform best on machined surfaces rather than coated surfaces like dacromat, zinc, or galvanised surfaces.

Eventually, dacroment, galvanised and zinc finishes are removed by disc pads during braking over time.

Trailer Bearing Kit required but not included

A larger braked disc rotor is available for 1600kg and 2250kg ratings and suits 5-stud and 6-stud Landcruiser hubs only.

Compatible with the following equipment:

Additional information

Weight9 kg
Dimensions10 × 30 × 30 cm


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