Parallel Bearings

axle profileParallel bearings are rated to 1600kg for all axle diameters. The bearing profile determines axle rating and not the diameter of the axle.

The term axle profile describes the machined part or shinny part of an axle.

Axle machining begins at the thread end and finished on the rear square shoulder.

Fit weld rings up against the shoulder in the case of electric turn axles. Marine turn axles require a different type of weld ring. Contact us for more information.

A 1600kg standard bearing kit comprises

  • 2 x Large Inner – LM68149 – ID 35.00mm 0 OD 59.10mm
  • Seal – ID 43.9mm OD 59.1mm
  • Dust Cap 63.5mm

The ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) of a trailer is determined by

  • Spring Rating
  • Axle Rating
  • Bearing Rating

Where the lowest rating of any of the above components signifies the trailer ATM.

caravan ATMHow to calculate trailer ATM

  • Weight of the bare trailer
  • Weight of the payload
  • Jockey Wheel Weight

Changing the lowest common denominator above changes the trailer ATM.

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