45mm x 710mm Slipper Spring


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8mm Heavy Duty Slipper Springs for Trailers, Caravans and Boat Trailers

8mm Slipper springs 45mm wide with 8mm leaf springs are suitable for highway travel, while 60mm springs are suited to high-speed travel and heavier trailer loads.

This spring style has the traditional eye and spring forming a tail that slides in a keeper or hanger welded to the trailer’s chassis.

Denso Tape has corrosion resistance to springs – 50mm x 10mtr

Slipper Spring Specifications

  • 710mm Eye to Tail.
  • 45mm wide x 8mm thick leaves
  • 9/16 inch x 7/8 inch x 45mm bush.
  • Free Camber 150mm
  • Eye to Center Bolt 330mm
  • Hanger Centers 670mm

Pro Tip: It is not uncommon to see Denso tape wrapped around springs on commercial fishers’ trailers. We have witnessed Denso tape on trailer springs last 20 years. However, many buyers prefer to buy Galvanised springs. 

Rated caravan and trailer Slipper springs at 120% of full load for all single, tandem and tri-axle sets.

For example, a tandem trailer weighing 2,000kg x 120@ = 2,400kg

Axles, leaf springs and associated equipment must rate 2,400 kilograms.

Where is the rear hanger located?

Three key factors are essential to correctly locate the tyre on the trailer and correctly install the leaf spring.

  • Locate the spring centre bolt in the centre of the wheel arch.
  • Install the front hanger in a location that centres the spring in the middle of the wheel arch.
  • Lastly, the rear hanger is positioned so that it is halfway along the Slipper section.

The Slipper tail must have enough room in the keeper to allow the spring to compress and rebound safely.

Leaves of the spring and spring ratings are as follows:-

  • 5 Leaf – 675kg each
  • 6 Leaf – 750kg each

Usually, it is common practice to load share using 2 x 40mm Square axles on a multi-axle trailer. Wrong.

Slipper leaf springs do not load share; they do not transfer load across the entire axle configuration.

For example, each wheel in the above case has a loading of 2,000kg / four tyres or 500kg per wheel.

When the wheel is lifted OFF the ground, it is carrying zero kg

The tyre on the ground load is 1,000kg, while the other two wheels have 1,000 kilograms of the remaining load.

The axle with wheels on the ground is carrying 1,500kg.

Although the trailer slipper springs are an excellent low-budget solution, consider shackle or rocker roller springs if your budget allows.

Purchase your 45mm slipper springs below:

Purchase your 45mm shackle springs below:

Here is an excellent trailer parts article on “Why do springs break”.

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Dimensions93 × 15 × 10 cm
Slipper Springs

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