3.5t Combination Pintle Hook – 6t Ring Coupling


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6.0t Pintle Tow Bar Adaptor

What makes the CM510 a great product?

✓ Enhanced towing strength and reliability.Australian Made and Owned.
Officially rated for 6.0t ATM heavy-duty applications.
Boosts convenience with 8-mount holes and invertibility.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

Pintle Tow Ball Protector - Aftermarket Pintle Hooks

Why should you get a Pintle Tow Ball Protector? Australian Made and Owned.

✓ Minimises abrupt jerking motion of your trailer.
Increases tow ball lifespan.
Reduces noise.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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3.5t Combination Pintle Hook – 6t Ring Coupling | D-Value 34.08kN

3.5t Combination Pintle Hook – Ring Coupling. ideal for towing with a 50mm ball coupling and occasionally with a Ring Coupling. Rated at 6t.

The Couplemate Combination Pintle Hook is the best-selling pintle hook on the Australian Market. Ideal, if you generally tow with a 50mm ball coupling and occasionally with a Ring Coupling.

Please note the NHVR states that 50mm tow balls must be de-rated for tow vehicles over 5t. Refer to Vehicle Standards guide VSG-16 for de-rating.

If the tow vehicle is 5 ton or larger and this decision affects you, email steve.wotherspoon@couplemate.com.au with the words “count me in” (in the subject line). If the demand is there, I will commission a 70mm Combination pintle hook.

The capacity of the ring coupling remains unchanged at 6t.

Purchase Al-ko couplings here.

We do not recommend this pintle hook if you frequently tow a 75mm ring coupling. This high-frequency towing can damage the tow ball and we recommend the CM532 for higher-frequency ring coupling towing.

The Couplemate CM 500 Combination Pintle Hook is rated at 6t on the ring with a safety catch. 3500 kg Tow Ball D Value = 3.4t or 34 kN and is ADR Approved (*c)

  • Standard 4-hole pintle hook mounts.
  • 4 x High Tensile Bolts and Nuts supplied.

Towing with a ring coupling for long periods of time? Are your trailers likely to incur shock loading from mine sites, barge loading, etc? You should check out the low-wear CM532 Combo Pintle Hook for these towing situations.

Important notice regarding testing of pintle hooks.

The CTA identification number for this product is located on your Invoice. The CTA on the approval letter will be the same CRN on your Invoice.

During the vehicle registration process, inspectors may ask you for the CRN that is on your invoice.

Furthermore, if you are buying a similar product without a CRN and your trailer or vehicle is older than July 2009, therefore, it is not legal to use on Australian roads.

Regulations for Towing and Accessories over 4.5t

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