10mm G80 Truck Safety Chain | 3500kg – 7200kg

10mm G80 Truck Safety Chain | 3500kg – 7200kg


High-Tensile Steel
Anti-Corrosion Coating
3500kg – 7200kg Capacity Rated

Safety Chain Kit

8500kg Truck Safety Chain Holder | G80 Series

ADR Approved & Certified
Made from strong steel
8500kg Rated

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™ Australia.

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G80 Truck Safety Chain

When it comes to securing heavy loads and ensuring safety, our 10mm G80 Safety Chain is the ultimate choice.

Crafted from top-grade alloy steel, this chain is designed to handle loads ranging from 3500kg to 7200kg with ease. The G80 Safety Chain provides unmatched strength, offering you peace of mind and confidence in any demanding application.

Designed to meet Australian safety standards, this product proves to be an exceptional choice for truck owners seeking a dependable safety chain.

Moreover, caravan owners with a towing capacity of 4500kg (4.5t) or equipped with a DO45 coupling will find this product perfectly suitable for their needs as well.

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: Up to 7200kg (7.2t)
  • Chain Thickness: 10mm
  • Chain Length: 80cm

More Safety Chain Information

  • Test certificates are supplied upon request.
  • Applications: Industrial Lifting. (lifting chain, chain slings, grab hooks)
  • Australian Standard: AS 2321

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Herc Alloy Safety Chain 3.6t to 30t

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries; our team of experts will gladly assist you.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 5 cm
Safety Chain Herc Alloy

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