45mm x 765mm Galvanised Slipper Spring


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6mm Galvanised Slipper Spring

6mm galvanised slipper springs are measured 765mm eye to the tip of the slipper leaf.

This spring style has the traditional eye and a tail that slides in a keeper or hanger.

Spring fatigue will stretch springs beyond 765mm in length.

Important Measurements

  • Length
  • Spring Thickness
  • The number of leaves.

Dacromet or Galvanised

The choice between Dacromet springs and Galvanised springs is not tricky. Dacromet springs vary significantly in quality.

As a result, Couplemate prefers Galvanised springs to last longer than most Dacroment coated springs.


  • 765mm Eye to Tail.
  • 6mm Leaf Thickness.
  • 45mm Wide.
  • The eyebolt is 1/2″.
  • 1/2 inch x 7/8 inch x 45mm bush.
  • Free Camber 150mm.
  • Eye to Center Bolt 330mm.
  • Hanger Centres 700mm.

6mm Slipper Spring Ratings.

  • 3 Leaf – 300kg.
  • 4 Leaf – 450kg.
  • 5 Leaf – 500kg.
  • 6 Leaf – 600kg.
  • 7 Leaf – 675kg.
  • 9 Leaf – 800kg.

45mm wide boat springs with 6mm leaf thickness are suitable for metropolitan travel.

How to beat vibration fatigue in boat trailers.

How are galvanised springs rated?

Compressing a spring with a hydraulic ram and measuring the torque required during compression is one method to rate springs.

Purchase your 45mm slipper springs below:

Purchase your 45mm shackle springs below:

Here is an excellent article on “Why do springs break”.

Finally, trailer springs are galvanised and then rated.

6mm Galvanised Slipper Spring

Additional information

Dimensions93 × 15 × 10 cm
Slipper Springs

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