Landcruiser Galvanised Parallel Disc Rotor

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Landcruiser galvanised parallel disc rotor suit 5 and 6 Stud wheels

Landcruiser galvanised parallel disc rotor suit five stud and 6 Stud Landcruiser Disc 12 inch rotors are available. It suits 15-inch and 16-inch wheels only.

The distance between the front face of the disc and the wheel face where the studs are is 48mm. Please check this measurement before ordering, as there are many variations available.

5 Stud and six stud Landcruiser 12″ rotors to suit only 15″ and 16″ wheels. Note: Smaller wheels like 14″ are not suitable for these rotors.

  • 6 stud Landcruiser – 6 x 1/2″ unf threads. The PCD (Pitch Centre Diameter) is 140mm
  • 5 stud Landcruiser – 5 x 9/16″ unf threads. The PCD (Pitch Centre Diameter) is 150mm

Parallel bearing’s maximum rated load is 1600kg for galvanised disc rotors.

It must be noted that Landcruiser drums, hubs and rotors used on caravans and boat trailers have different wheel bearings and stud thread than the genuine article.

Genuine Landcruiser disc rotors use 14mm studs and nuts. As a result of different bearing configurations, disc rotors taken from motor vehicles do not fit caravan axles.

A parallel trailer bearing kit is required but not included.

Nissan disc rotors with a PCD of 114mm are not currently available.

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Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 20 cm
Stud Pattern



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